Why to Choose Us

We believe that beautiful, sustainable, well-designed buildings should be accessible to more people. We apply a clean, green approach to our designs and utilise factory-built technology where possible to create a streamlined building process. Our hope is that our practices will make it easy for people to build green and live a more sustainable life.

  We are uniquely capable

We offer the full spectrum of development services in one package, from analysis, planning and design to construction and marketing. We are a small team with an exceptional mix of technical and cultural knowledge and education. We understand the heritage of the past and the need to be at the forefront of the future, technically and culturally.

  We are creative and nimble

We strive to achieve clean and elegant solutions to functional problems, sending an understandable message to the public, and these solutions are reflected in pleasing designs and an award-winning record. We are small and nimble so that our company principals retain creative control but big enough to design and manage large projects on a continent-wide basis.

  We are efficient & create value

From our value-engineered project management system to cost saving designs and construction methods to identifying intrinsic values in placemaking, we have a long record of safeguarding resources and generating economic success.

  We are experienced

We have done it and seen it before the key to our success has been to approach our work with modesty and to always seek better ideas and a better ways of doing things.

  We forge long-term relationships

We do believe in transparency and consistency in performance. We do not make many promises, but we seek to be modestly faithful to our assignments, and to avoid surprises to our clients.

  We are transparent

We act in the best interest of the client, performing our role as agents of the client and avoiding conflicts of interest. When we manage a project, we control the design and the construction and we do not assign or subcontract to ourselves the contract for construction.

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